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At BLI Learning Labs, we believe in empowering your child to unleash their full potential. Our transformative approach to education ensures that every child not only excels academically but also develops fundamental skills for lifelong success. Whether purchasing our innovative educational products, seeking a tutor, or enrolling full-time in our revolutionary microschool, BLI Institute, our teachers are here for you. Our commitment to nurturing a love for learning and fostering their self-confidence sets us apart. Join the BLI community today and give your child the invaluable gift of education.


Hear why families and teachers choose BLI

“Private tutoring” covers a wide range of services, which are frequently quite expensive and which offer vastly different levels of targeted instruction. It can be difficult to ascertain what you’re paying for and whether it has a reasonable likelihood of benefitting your child. BLI Learning Labs is a moderately priced option for both group and individual tutoring, but I would describe my child’s experience with BLI tutoring as “priceless.” Some businesses promise very specific results in terms of test scores and reading levels — you won’t find that at BLI. Instead you will find educators with a different approach, who genuinely want to help kids find a love of learning and a path to success! Martha G.
I enrolled my kids in BLI Institute in the beginning of the school year. The pandemic left a lot of gaps in the foundation of their education and I knew putting them back into a public classroom would only frustrate them and widen those gaps. BLI assesses where they are and that is where the gaps begin to get filled in. My kids are able to feel successful and are no longer intimidated by school. They are choosing to read in their free time because they feel successful while doing so. BLI Institute offers so much more than the average private school. I am so happy we made this choice! Cynthia M.
I purchased one puzzle and book bundle for my science class and after one week, I purchased 5 more. I use the puzzles and books as learning stations in my room, and my kids love them! BLI’s educational products are great for children at various levels of development, being both therapeutic and educational.  This is multisensory learning at its best.  And the innovative packaging is very cool!  Silvia H.

 Our Core Values

Our values are more than just words on a page – they’re the foundation of our approach to education at BLI Institute.








Leah Veal is an educator, counselor, and learner with over a decade of classroom and administrative experience. Her 20 + years of  experience in healthcare and education make her uniquely attuned to the social-emotional and academic needs of young learners. Leah received her Education Specialist from Georgia State University and her Master of Arts from University of Tennessee. She’s spent years working with children in both private and public school settings ensuring that every child under her care becomes a proficient reader and writer and learns to value education.

In the past six years, Ms. Veal grew BLI  from a mobile classroom serving a handful of learners in a small Florida community to a multistate educational agency providing academic services and educational products to over 2,000 young innovators, leaders, and learners. Whether you seek educational supplies for your homeschooler, supplemental learning, or full-time enrollment in our private school, BLI Institute, Leah and her team are here for you!


Our mission is to improve the quality of children’s lives through education. Leah Veal, a specialist level educator and equity champion, founded the organization so that children from every community will have access to a high-quality education. Our team envisions a world where all children find value in learning and want to help strengthen their community.


BLI began in 2017 as a one-person initiative, ten students, and a school bus converted into a mobile classroom. Under Ms. Veal’s leadership, the organization has grown to  serve over 200 children annually through academic services and 2,000 + through educational products.

How do we stand apart from the crowd?


Creative, compassionate, effective certified teachers


Unique private microschools combining core skills and enrichment programming in STEM, the arts, and athletics


Quarterly assessments in reading, writing, and math for students enrolled in our tutoring programs

Our Innovative Approach to education Ensures Your Child Has the advantage they need to succeed


                         School tuition: $9,000 annually   private tutoring: $1,500 quarterly