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 Puzzle and Book Bundles


Tired of buying educational products that sit on a shelf collecting dust? 

Our innovative interdisciplinary approach to learning combines multiple learning skills in one 30- minute activity: read- puzzle-repeat! These are not your granny’s jigsaw puzzles! Our team transformed one of the world’s oldest toys by embedding cool facts and writing prompts directly on the puzzle, making them both engaging and educational. Our bundles build core reading skills while also increasing visual memory, fine motor, and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Children learn about cool places and cultures around the world through 12 relevant units of study, ensuring every child finds a topic of interest. Whether it’s sports, comics, fairytales, space or world holidays, we have the unit of study for you.

Product sales help support scholarship programs for economically disadvantaged youth



Book & Puzzle Pack (mini-pack) designed for at-home learning

Each bundle includes one themed coloring book, 2 themed educational puzzles, 2 hardcover books, and a backpack 


Puzzle and Books Bundle – designed for afterschool programs

Each bundle includes 6 hardcover books paired with a 40-piece puzzle and a reusable storage cube




Sample Books and Puzzles 

Comics & Cartoons

Civic Engagement

Literacy Kits by BLI $60

Our literacy kits are excellent supplemental learning tools for tutoring centers, classrooms, and any space where learning takes place. Each kit contains 8 color-coded, pre-packaged reading and writing lessons and two puzzles stored in a reusable storage cube. Kits are available at the emergent, early, transitional, and fluent levels. With 12 units of study available, every child finds a topic of interest. 

When you purchase puzzles and books from BLI, you are supporting our mission to improve the quality of children’s lives through education.