Welcome to BLI Institute, where your child’s potential becomes a reality! Our experienced, certified teachers immerse learners in a world of creativity, knowledge, and endless opportunities. 

Our micro school model offers 12-month enrollment and a 5.5 hour condensed school day where children receive core instruction in the morning and specialized enrichment programming in the afternoon in either science and engineering, the arts, or health and fitness.

 Although children are assessed quarterly to inform and guide instruction, at BLI we focus on teaching and learning, not constant testing. Step into a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and growth. Schedule a tour today, and join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery! Our innovative micro school is a place where all children succeed!

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Learners are grouped into the following classes with an 8:1 learner-teacher ratio:

  • Primary
  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School

Core Instruction

  • ELA
  • Creative writing
  • Science
  • Math


Reading specialist trained in Orton-Gillingham 

Creative, safe learning environment

Competency-based learning records from Master Transcript Consortium (MTC) instead of relying on an outdated grading system to evaluate progress



Learners choose a 90-minute afternoon enrichment class to stay fully engaged in learning each day!

The Arts

  • Theater
  • Music class
  • Set design
  • Videography 
  • Sculpting and more…


  • Minecraft Education
  • Medical Robotics
  • Marine Biology
  • Machine Learning and more


  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Swimming

 At our micro school for children ages 4-18, all children become proficient readers, writers, and curious learners. Parents choose to enroll their children in our innovative 12-month program to ensure their child’s education continues uninterrupted.  We take two and three week vacations throughout the year so that children have ample time to rest and spend quality time with their families. And our monthly field trips and apprenticeship program provide countless opportunities to connect with, learn from, and be an active part of every community that BLI calls home. 


Start the Enrollment Process Today!

Admissions Process:

  1.  Apply by filling out the form.
  2.  Attend a family interview with our founder.
  3.  Shadow days and orientation if selected.
  4.  Welcome to BLI Institute!
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Student's Name
Student's Name

About Us

At our micro school, we are proud to have a team of world class teachers who are passionate about providing the best possible learning experience for our students. 

Our team is comprised of experienced educators, industry professionals, and artists and scientists with an average of 8 years of classroom experience. They are committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where students can explore their creative potential and develop their skills in an area of interest. 

Foster Your Child’s Creativity and Love of
Learning at BLI Institute 

Step Up For Students

We are participating in school choice programs that supply students with scholarships to help them succeed. Visit the Step Up For Students' website for more details by clicking here.


Our mission is to improve the quality of children’s lives through education. Leah Veal, a specialist level educator and equity champion, founded the organization so that children from every community will have access to a high-quality education. Our team envisions a world where all children find value in learning and want to help strengthen their community.


BLI began in 2017 as a one-person initiative, ten students, and a school bus converted into a mobile classroom. Under Ms. Veal’s leadership, the organization has grown to  serve over 200 children annually through academic services and 2,000 + through educational products.

Hear why families and teachers choose BLI

“Private tutoring” covers a wide range of services, which are frequently quite expensive and which offer vastly different levels of targeted instruction. It can be difficult to ascertain what you’re paying for and whether it has a reasonable likelihood of benefitting your child. BLI Learning Labs is a moderately priced option for both group and individual tutoring, but I would describe my child’s experience with BLI tutoring as “priceless.” Some businesses promise very specific results in terms of test scores and reading levels — you won’t find that at BLI. Instead you will find educators with a different approach, who genuinely want to help kids find a love of learning and a path to success! Martha G.
I enrolled my kids in BLI Institute in the beginning of the school year. The pandemic left a lot of gaps in the foundation of their education and I knew putting them back into a public classroom would only frustrate them and widen those gaps. BLI assesses where they are and that is where the gaps begin to get filled in. My kids are able to feel successful and are no longer intimidated by school. They are choosing to read in their free time because they feel successful while doing so. I am so happy we made this choice! Cynthia M.
I purchased one puzzle and book bundle for my science class and after one week, I purchased 5 more. I use the puzzles and books as learning stations in my room, and my kids love them! BLI’s educational products are great for children at various levels of development, being both therapeutic and educational.  This is multisensory learning at its best.  And the innovative packaging is very cool!  Silvia H.

Our Educational Products

Are you a mom or dad who prefers homeschooling? Our educational products can bring the classroom to you! We feature monthly books, puzzles, and literacy kits that are most popular in our classrooms. They are sold on our website, at festivals around Tampa Bay and central Kentucky, and in our school stores.  Our products are carefully crafted to help students develop essential skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way.